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Our programs and products are born from knowledge gained in over 35 years of both laboratory and real world research.

It is this dedication to real and achievable energy savings that sets PEG apart from our competitors. PEG understands what works in the real world and we emphasize doing the simple and correct things properly. Here, you will find work that we've done both in the lab and  in the field, all for the purposes of building more comprehensive programs and finding the most energy efficient solutions to long standing problems


Effects of Occupant Control, System Parameters, and Program Measures on Residential Air Conditioner Peak Loads

The diversified demand of residential air conditioners is significantly affected by occupant control behavior and system sizing. Consideration of these effects is necessary to properly calculate the impact of program measures and allocate utility demand management resources.


Investigation Of Peak Electric Load Impacts of High SEER
Residential HVAC Units

The objective of this study was to collect data on and analyze the performance of presently manufactured air conditioners operating at high ambient temperatures. By providing a better understanding of air conditioner performance on peak, this study will help PG&E ensure the effectiveness of residential air conditioner peak load reduction programs.


Investigation of Coil Failures: A Whole Systems Approach

In early 1998 the Ground Source Heat Pump Consortium requested that Proctor Engineering Group investigate a cluster of indoor coil failures on Geothermal Heat Pumps. The investigators were interested in determining how the entire system (home, equipment, distribution system, and occupants) interacted. Each home provided insight into the problem.




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Our number one goal is saving energy. Proctor Engineering Group takes problems and turns them into solutions through extensive research and creative innovation. We help people develop and achieve conservation and energy efficiency goals.

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