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Are your technicians providing the level of service your customers are expecting?

Can your technicians properly explain what it takes to optimize an air conditioner or heat pump? CheckMe!® can help you and your technicians develop skills and increase knowledge, enabling you to provide exemplary customer service and explain it to your customers. 

Do your technicians learn best in the classroom or hands-on? Not only do we teach CheckMe! in the classroom, we take your technicians out into the field and use equipment they work with every day. Your techs will be experts in the refrigerant cycle, superheat, and subcooling through CheckMe! training, CheckMe! follow up and CheckMe! support. 

We provide training in many areas including:

  • Higher Accuracy AC Service and Performance
  • Higher Accuracy Heat Pump Service and Performance
  • Precision Installation and Startup
  • Duct System Testing and Sealing
  • Wiring and Motor Installation
  • Advanced Level Troubleshooting

We provide follow up and immediate technical support to CheckMe! certified technicians in real time.    

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"Thanks for the great job yesterday!  The class was rated 100% very good to excellent which is the top mark.”

Program Manager

California Utility


"The CheckMe!® program was easy to implement once our technicians went through your on site training and gained a better understanding of superheat and subcooling.”

Michael Hyde

Hyde's Air Conditioning

Palm Desert, CA

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Classes & Training

Proctor Engineering sends engineers and trainers all over the United States to hold classes and training sessions on various topics including air conditioner repairs, CheckMe!® Certification, HVAC efficiency upgrades, ducts, and zoned systems. Trainings are scheduled based on demand and also planned regularly at different training centers. For more information or to request a training in your area send us an email.



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